Meet the Casters

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Hannah 🇦🇺

Oi! It’s your true blue mate Hannah here! A proud dag/stickybeak who loves a Bunning’s snag and taking a kip. You can find me OS often wearing sunnies and thongs (not those ones) and giving life a burl. Based in LA with my bloke, fat cat, and weirdly large Dachshund. Nothing makes me happier than confusing Anna and Evan with Aussie slang and questioning why American’s call fringes, bangs?
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Anna 🇺🇲

Anna is a lifelong accent aficionado, and enjoys faking a decent British and Irish accent. She sometimes has a hard time understanding Australians, but mostly because of the ridiculous, and oftentimes hilarious, slang. She has a cat named Eephus, which is Hebrew in origin, but is also a type of baseball pitch. Aside from loving cats and baseball, Anna loves spending time with her family.
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Evan 🇺🇲

Evan was raised in Alaska, has two older sisters, lives in Seattle with his wife, Charity, and his dog, Whiskey, has a background in Acting, Filmmaking, and Photography, and was never fully or thoroughly introduced to or informed or educated about the very necessary, and helpful, grammatical rule of avoiding at all costs, an over-the-top run on sentence. He drinks whiskey/gingers.

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