Season 1 - The First Season

In this epsisode we talk to Mario Orallo about the ups and downs of improv and how his theater, Jet City Improv, has adapted live performances online. We also play a few improv games with him, much to Hannah's chagrine.

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It's the Hannah episode! We find out how much she hates spiders and why magpies are the devil. Hannah also tries her hand at a Bogan accent which sounds *ahem* amazing. Plus how Australian is Hannah? Not much, but she does like dead horse.

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We talk to speech pathologist, Genevieve Graham and learn what speech pathologists do plus tackle the common misconceptions of their roles. Genevieve discusses her hurdles dealing with Covid and working with children on the spectrum. In What’s the Word we find out that Hannah is sometimes "up and down like a bride’s nighty". Yikes!

Eilidh Cameron (pronounced Ay-lee) is a landscape photographer from a wee town in western Scotland, and joins us to talk about the Scottish accent, local ghost stories, and takes over What's the Word because she wasn't too scunnered with us quite yet..

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In today's episode we sit down with avid TikToker and linguist, Juliane Bilotta, who holds a masters degree in linguistic anthropology and is currently working on her Ph.D. Wow! We ask the real questions like what is linguistics, what are allophones, and what’s the deal with vocal fry? We also have way too much fun in what’s the word and Hannah doesn't know what a dime is.

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This week we focus on Evan and what it was like to grow up in the state that’s the farthest north, east, and west, Alaska. We hear stories about smacking a moose, what you call several moose, how not to read a compass, plus we learn nothing about Australia’s snow region.

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Former co-worker and friend, Karen Cooper, joins us this week as we dissect the “Karen” slur. Our Karen is pretty far from the common memed Karens of the world but we discuss how all of us have a Karen within us, even men. Born and raised outside of Manhattan in a New Jersey suburb, Karen talks about the common misconceptions she dealt with. We also play a new game, and Hannah’s “What’s the Word” gets silly.

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In our 10th episode, we’re joined by fellow podcasters and Boston natives, Laney and Kelly from ...And Now We Said It. We put them to the test and find out how "Boston" they really are. We chat about what it means to become a voice actress, what Mass-holes are, and Anna spills some Tom Brady tea.

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What is it like to be a twin? Are you telepathic? What is the difference between fraternal and identical twins? In this episode we talked to Anna’s twin nieces, Syd and Maddi, about being musicians, what it was like to go Juilliard and common twinning misconceptions. Hannah asks some awkward questions about playing the trumpet and Evan has some dumb gross answers for What’s the Word.

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This episode may be short but somehow the topic of butts just keeps coming up. From our fave Friends characters to our least fave Tiger King zoo owners, we talk about how to properly respond to "thank you" and how you’ll never get a doggy bag in Australia. We go deep on the 13th element in the Periodic Table, and how you say the name of the seventh planet from the sun. Hannah sings, Evan mansplains, and we learn Anna's a snob. It's another must listen Season 1 Ep.

Ksenia was born and raised in Moscow, Russian is her native language, so why does she write books in English? This week we talk to Ksenia Anske, accomplished dark fantasy writer, about Russian history and culture. We learn how to speak in a proper Russian accent plus we learn some hilariously strange ways to cuss at someone in Russian. You’re gonna wet your pants when you hear this episode!

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Hannah kicks this episode off with a bang with her impression of a sheep’s onomatopoeic sound. We get into it with our good friend Tess about secret languages. Hannah get’s her second win. And we learn why a toy store might have a veranda. Another banger this week!

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In this episode Hannah learns how to properly say Cinco de Mayo. We get into a little Mexican slang and we learn what noise a bird makes in Spanish. Plus Hannah tells us (a little too much) about her new cat, you’ll never guess it’s name.

From New York City to whoop whoop Wisconsin, our guest Anthony talks to us about getting back to his Puerto Rican roots. Plus, how would you say the name Caoimhe? Don’t worry, we all got it wrong too. Even with Evan’s Irish “accent”. Listen to this episode and play along with our version of the name game.

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In this very special happy hour episode we talk about the early days of COVID, shrimp, Matt Damon, and how very different (and wrong) Australian English is from American English. It’s a good one!

Today we sit down with our good friend Joe Rhie and talk about what it was like to be an American who grew up in South Korea. Joe tells us his secret stories of hanging out in internet cafes as a kid, what it was like to lose a lot of his freedom when he and his family moved back to the states, and he teaches us a little Korean.

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This is the very beginning! Today we are talking to Fabiola Millican (aka Fabs, Fabi, Fab), our former coworker who is probably the sweetest person on the planet! She talks to us about what it's like to be trilingual and raised in a house where english was her third language. Listen to Fabs hilarious stories about wrong pronunciations, mis-translations and messing up common American sayings.

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